Hudson Barbara High Waist Jeans in Hideaway Review


My review this week is on the new Hudson Barbara High Waisted Skinny Jeans in Hideaway. I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed any Hudson Jeans here on The Jeans Blog (only at my previous job, DenimBlog) so it’s a nice, refreshing change to give you my opinions on one of their pairs of jeans.

The Fit: The Barbara is Hudson’s high rise jean with a 10 inch rise, so it sits just below your belly button (depending on your torso length) and is incredibly comfortable. I know a lot of people mistakenly think that high rise jeans means discomfort and restriction, but with these, it doesn’t at all. The fabric is so soft and stretchy, the rise is welcome. Not only does it hold in every bit of you, including your muffin top, but it gives you a very flattering silhouette. The inseam is around 30 inches, so it is a full length on me as I’m 5ft 5, and the leg opening is 10 inches, making them a super skinny, high rise jean. You can see in the modelled photos below just what they fit like, but it’s amazingly flattering and comfortable.

The back pockets on these Hudson Barbara jeans though are just ok. I’m very particular with my back pocket placement as you know and I love them to be sculpting and shaping, but for my butt, these back pockets are a bit too big. I find the pockets to be a just a touch too long and spaced a bit far apart. This means for me that they aren’t as uplifting or as flattering as I know they can be when placed and sized a bit differently. It’s not a huge turn off though as I have worn these jeans so many times already, there’s just room for improvement.

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