Kourtney Kardashian Wears One Teaspoon Jeans


Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, Kourtney Kardashian, was seen dropping her son, Mason, off at his weekly Art Class in Woodland Hills, California a few days ago. We see the Kardashian’s out a lot during the week and I love how different Kim, Kourtney and Khloe’s styles are, especially when it comes to denim. I know the sisters have been known to wear the same pairs of jeans sometimes, but lately they have really evolved separately.

Kourtney chose to play with proportions in this outfit, going for really baggy jeans from the brand One Teaspoon to pair with a tight tank top from House of CB. Since these One Teaspoon Boyfriend Jeans have a lot of shredding and distressing, it’s important that she opted for feminine pieces to go with them, to really make the outfit look styled. Kourtney added some length to her legs with a pair of Yeezy boots, finishing it off with a Cartier bracelet, a Wanderlust & Co. necklace, and an Hermes key chain.

How many of you are fans of One Teaspoon Jeans? I did a review on a pair of their Freebird London Jeans a while back and I was actually surprised with how flattering they are. They are quite classic too, since they are rigid, 100% cotton, despite them looking really modern and current. For me though, I either need to pair them with flats or heels. If I try the ankle boots like Kourtney did, it made my legs look shorter, so I definitely had to be careful with that. I love how Kourtney Kardashian styled her One Teaspoon jeans though.

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lessandra Ambrosio In RE/DONE Levi’s Leandra Jeans


The ever gorgeous Alessandra Ambrosio got snapped while visiting a friends house in Beverly Hills, California a little while ago. She took her little doggy along for the trip while buzzing her way into the building. She was then pictured saying goodbye.

Alessandra of course wore a pair of RE/DONE Levi’s jeans, opting for the Leandra which we have seen her in before, however this is a different pair. I spoke to RE/DONE Levi’s about these jeans as I wasn’t completely sure if they were the Leandra due to these having a finished hem, while all the Leandra’s usually come with a chopped off raw hem. It seems that sometimes a Leandra will get through with a finished hem as it suits the wash more, so that’s great to hear if you don’t like raw hems, you can still get hold of a Leandra!

Alessandra paired her RE/DONE Levi’s with a burnt orange crochet top and some brown wedges for the day, with some light accessories. I actually think this might be one of my favourite denim outfits that Alessandra has ever worn. I love her looks in general, but these jeans are incredibly flattering on her and the rest of the outfit is perfect.

Have any of you tried the RE/DONE Levi’s Leandra jeans? The cropped flare is so on trend at the moment, especially with the higher rise. After all, they were named after The Man Repeller’s, Leandra Medine. What do you think of Alessandra Ambrosio in her RE/DONE Levi’s Leandra Jeans? Buy Levi’s online at Shopbop.com and RE/DONE Levi’s on their website.

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Rita Ora Wears Ripped Vintage Levi’s Jeans


British singer and The Voice judge, Rita Ora, arrived at the Weill Cornell Medicine building in New York City a few days ago. This is the second time featuring Rita on The Jeans Blog as we recently saw her wearing a denim shirt dress, which she was totally rocking! Her unique sense of style always manages to captivate me when I see her in candids.

Rita chose to wear a vintage and very ripped up pair of Levi’s jeans which she paired with a sheer MadeMe tee with ‘Disgusteen’ on the front, and a flamingo bra underneath. She finished her outfit off with some kitten heels in white with a bow and some John Lennon inspired yellow sunglasses. This outfit is completely casual in every sense, except for her choice in shoes. I wasn’t so sure that kitten heels are a great match for baggy, straight, ripped up Levi’s jeans, but somehow Rita manages to make it look amazing and effortless.

Are any of you female readers a fan of the big rips under one butt cheek on jeans lately, like Rita Ora’s? I’ve noticed this trend creeping up in popularity over the weeks and have even seen it out and about on the streets. I’m not sure on it myself, but that could be because I’m 28 and prefer more modesty in my denim, but the younger ladies seem to be owning it. Is it something you would wear? Or do you prefer to keep your rips in the front of your jeans? Buy Levi’s online at Shopbop.com.

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Burgundy, Oxblood & Maroon Denim Is Back!


When I started seeing burgundy jeans popping up online a couple of weeks ago, my jaw was close to dropping to the floor. Those of you who know me, or have been a fan of my blogs and writing for years, will know that burgundy coloured jeans are one of my favourites, especially for the Fall and Winter months! I own a few pairs that I absolutely adore: Koral Skinny Jeans in Merlot, PAIGE Transcend Verdugo and some more, but those two are my favourites! I used to live in them on a weekly basis and I’m so happy to see the ruby jewel tone is coming back!

I found maroon, merlot, oxblood, burgundy… (whatever colour you want to call it!) denim wasn’t very popular last year and I’m wondering if that’s because it had ran its course a bit. Sometimes brands can go overkill with a certain colour and design and then people get sick of seeing it, much like they do with a song that comes on the radio every ten minutes, so now that maroon denim has had a much needed break, it’s coming back to wow us and I couldn’t be more excited about it.


Jeans Featured Above: 7 For All Mankind, DL1961, PAIGE & Rag & Bone

So far there are four brand new oxblood jeans styles that have caught my attention (above) and one of them even comes in velvet. I have an old pair of J Brand Velvet Jeans in Wine, so I know how amazing those are! I would say that my favourite shade of burgundy though has to have some purple undertones to it more than brown hues, this makes it so much more rich and luxurious – it just goes with everything! The two I love here the most would have to be the 7 For All Mankind and PAIGE pairs because they fit the bill for me in being the correct shade.

I’ve included some photos below of myself and other fashion bloggers in burgundy jeans and I think it shows just how versatile they can actually be. Many people are scared to jump into unknown territory with coloured jeans, but burgundy is the easiest and safest option there is. I find that it goes with navy, black, grey, brown, white, mustard… even purple! Taylor Swift proves all of that to us below. Maroon denim is extremely versatile and I promise you that it will definitely be worth the investment for the coming seasons. Get stocking up now on a perfect pair of maroon jeans so you’re all set for those cooler days. Are you just as excited as I am that burgundy denim is making a huge comeback?

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Jaime King Wears AG Sophia Skinny Jeans


Actress Jaime King got pictured out in Beverly Hills, California while enjoying the sunshine as she ran some errands and took a walk along the streets. You wouldn’t think that Jaime recently gave birth to a baby boy would you? I had absolutely no idea until I read it online just now. I hope her and her family are doing well.

For her outfit, Jaime chose to wear the AG Sophia High Rise Skinny Jeans in 18 Years Classic with a simple black t-shirt and some black patent boots. These AG Jeans are an older style now as they came out a little while ago, but they are still gorgeous and very popular since AG are releasing them in some new washes, not just the 18 Years Classic. This outfit on Jaime is extremely casual and comfortable, but she added a few extra elements with the long necklaces and the round sunglasses, which I think add a uniqueness to it, especially with the patent boots.

The AG Sophia is a high rise, more sturdy denim with a mom jeans feel, so they are the brands vintage inspired jean. You can see what type of fit they would be by the measurements since they feature an 11″ rise, a leg opening of 11″ and an inseam of 30″, giving them a slightly less skinny approach. It makes a difference actually since the vintage inspired jeans we see on the market today often have a much shorter, cropped inseam, but these are pretty much a full length in today’s terms when it comes to jeans. What do you make of the fit? And do you like Jaime King in her AG Sophia Jeans? Let us know! Buy these exact Sophia Jeans online at The Outnet in the sale and AG Jeans online at Shopbop.com.

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Gigi Hadid Wears 7 For All Mankind Raw Hem Crop Jeans


Supermodel Gigi Hadid got pictured not once, but twice in a very short space of time rocking her new 7 For All Mankind High Waisted Ankle Straight Jeans with Raw Hem in Acroplis Deep Sky. The first time she was wandering around the streets of New York City on her own, running some errands, then the second time, Gigi was holding hands with her boyfriend, singer, Zayn Malik, around the SoHo area of New York.

We have seen Gigi in a couple of pairs of 7 For All Mankind Jeans recently, specifically the brands new (b)air denim which she has looked amazing in, so it’s nice to see her switch out her usual skinny jeans in favour of some cropped jeans and style them in a very similar way. Whenever I have seen Gigi Hadid in jeans, she’s always managed to give off that effortless, cool vibe that looks like she just threw on her outfit or woke up like that. A simple pairing of a white t-shirt, red bag and black sandals, or an almost identical look with a black bag and bomber jacket thrown over the top, shows off the 7 For All Mankind jeans and her figure perfectly.

Have any of you tried the 7 For All Mankind High Waisted Ankle with a Raw Hem? I think the Acroplis Deep Sky wash is gorgeous, but I can definitely see these jeans being released in a beautiful light blue, or even a grey. I’d love both of those! Raw hem jeans are still one of my go-to styles at the moment as well, I think they really make the different outfits unique. What do you make of Gigi Hadid’s look here? Buy these exact jeans online at 7ForAllMankind.com and buy 7 For All Mankind online at Shopbop.com.

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The 6 Skinny Jeans Every Woman Should Own


The skinny jean. It might as well be known as ‘jeans’ right? Skinny jeans are that popular now and are the ultimate staple when it comes to denim. I haven’t met anyone that doesn’t own at least one pair, and when we go shopping for a new pair of classic jeans which aren’t trend related, we always gravitate towards a pair of skinny jeans.

I remember the days, about 10 years ago, when premium denim started to become popular, brands were introducing a skinny to test the water over their bootcuts, and it was a hit. It’s amazing to me now though that I wouldn’t even class those skinny jeans as ‘skinny jeans’ anymore, purely because they used to have between a 12″ – 14″ leg opening! That’s pretty much considered a straight, or slim straight in today’s standards.

So with all of this in mind, it brings me to this blog post. There are now so many types of skinny jeans that you can choose from, it can be overwhelming. As skinny is the new black, there’s literally dozens of cuts and designs you can choose from when shopping for a new pair of skinny jeans, so I wanted to take it back to basics and list 6 skinny jeans every woman should own. This list is in order of importance as well, so if you’re only looking to buy one pair, you should make it one of the top 3 on this list, but I do recommend the high rise skinny! I can’t be without mine. Let me know what skinny jeans you favour!

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Ashley Madekwe Wears Vintage Levi’s Denim Shorts


Actress and fashion blogger, Ashley Madekwe, posed for some photos on her fashion blog ‘Ring My Bell’ while wearing a pair of Vintage Levi’s 501 denim shorts. She styled them with a Topshop off the shoulder top, some Balenciaga sandals and a homemade DIY choker necklace. Doesn’t she look positively Summer ready? I love it!

Ashley is a huge fan of off the shoulder tops as she prefers to show off her shoulders and collar bones more than she does her mid section. Who can blame her? I feel exactly the same way which is why I am a huge fan of higher rises. Cut off denim shorts have been a go to for her for years now too, so it’s not surprising to see her in the vintage Levi’s 501 pair as we have spotted her numerous times in them before.

After seeing Ashley in this outfit, I think I’m going to go on the hunt for some off the shoulder tops to pair with my vintage denim shorts! Will any of you be rocking an outfit like this before the Summer comes to an end? Hopefully that’s more than a few weeks away yet! Buy vintage Levi’s denim shorts online at Urban Outfitters and Levi.com. You can also buy a similar top to Ashley Madekwe online at Topshop.com and her sandals at Net-A-Porter.com.

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ihanna Wears A Levi’s Denim Skirt & Denim Jacket


Style icon and chart topper, Rihanna, got mobbed by a crowd as she arrived at popular hot spot, Tape Nightclub in London, England for a night out with Justin Bieber and some friends, ahead of the V Festival. I’ve always thought it must be really daunting when you’re trying to go out and you’re as famous as Rihanna is. The amount of paparazzi around and the people trying to touch you, it must be intense.

Staying true to her love of denim and her unique dress sense, Rihanna opted to wear a double denim outfit again, but this time she wore her Levi’s customized denim mini skirt with a customized, off the shoulder Levi’s denim jacket. Those silver knee high boots are cool aren’t they? I think they make the look a lot more futuristic and fantasy inspired, which I love. Rihanna also chose some statement jewellery to add some flare and then a pair of sunglasses and a bold red lip, to bring it to life. She looks awesome!

This customized Levi’s denim jacket is really intriguing though. It’s been stitched into an off the shoulder long sleeved top design, all while keeping the essence of it being a denim jacket. You can see the darts just under the front chest pockets, so whoever tailored this denim jacket did a fantastic job with it. I also like that Rihanna chose to wear it with a Levi’s denim skirt in the exact same wash, making it more uniform. Usually double denim should be different shades, but because she has a lot of skin showing, the two similar shades are perfect. I will say that Rihanna really knows how to dress doesn’t she? The closer I look at her details, the more inspired I am. Buy Levi’s online at Shopbop.com and their website.

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Gigi Hadid Wears Tommy Hilfiger Patched Jeans


Supermodel Gigi Hadid got snapped by paparazzi while she was on set posing for a Tommy Hilfiger photoshoot in the Pacific Palisades, California. How fun did this shoot look? Gigi was obviously decked out in the brand’s clothing, but for one shot she was posing on a personalized BMW with a fake license plate that reads “Gigi.”

As her look is all Tommy Hilfiger, she chose a pair of the brands patched skinny jeans to go with her customized bomber jacket and biker boots. I love the random design of these patches. They are all unique and quirky, mixing food with numbers and hippy icons, so it makes the jeans incredibly detailed and different. It’s definitely a look that Gigi Hadid can absolutely rock without any trouble, but I know it’s one that others will love too. We recently spotted Kristen Stewart in Tommy Hilfiger denim shorts too, so I’m hoping we might see more of the brand out and about now.

Since patched jeans are incredibly popular right now with most of the premium denim brands and high street retailers, I think it’s going to be a Summer trend that evolves into Autumn quite well. What do you think? We have seen a lot of denim shorts with patches, but Topshop have recently took it a step further and released their patched jeans too. Do you love Gigi Hadid in her patched Tommy Hilfiger jeans? You can buy similar patched jeans online at Shopbop.com and a cheaper pair at Topshop.com.

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